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Dave Odeeni

The Bubble Boy of Magic


Meatloaf and Magic! Chris Congreave is staging a charity show to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness in the West Midlands on October 18th. Sean Carpenter, David Oakley, Ron Popple, and14 year old illusionist David Pitt are all on the bill and David Halford (from "Stars in Their Eyes") as Meatloaf headlines! All this plus close-up magic before the show starts and during the interval

(Magic week October 18th 2006)

Odeeni performed with Mooky in Blackpool Circus in October 2006.

Then after down to London to Performin the film magicians by David Mitchelland Robert Webb.

On the 20th May 2011 Odeeni had a day with BBC three Mongrels performing magic to the crew and had a day being shown how they put everything together.